Kayak Hire (2 person)

Från NZD 30,00 NZ$
  • Plats: New Plymouth, NZ
  • Produktkod: PLNFR0
Head out for a kayak with a friend, family member or loved one on a gentle trip over to the local beach or around the port area. We can hire you a fishing rods if you're wanting to catch a fish or two (just click on extras at point of booking). You must be an able swimmer and have kayaking experience to head out of the port into the open ocean. Kayaking in the port is considered a gentle exercise but you need to be able to get yourself back on a kayak or swim should you fall out or get out to cool off..

Life jackets are required and we can also provide a dry 'safety' container for a phone, some sandwiches and it has a small medical kit and flare inside. One per trip is required for any trips outside the port area. You will also need to book this as an extra at the time of booking, as there are limited numbers.

As an adult in the group, if you are taking a child, you must assume responsibility for the child's safety and ability to get back in the kayak should you or your child enter the water.